How We Work


The Sustainability Collaborative meets monthly at varying locations around the Lake Tahoe and Truckee watershed to provide maximum access for regional residents. Member meetings operate in accordance with the approved Charter.  Ending in 2013, members provided periodic review and input for the LTSCP Sustainability Action Plan. This stakeholder input role was vital to guiding planning and resources that will support both local and regional sustainability needs.

Sustainability Collaborative Workgroups

In August 2012, workgroups were established to allow Sustainability Collaborative Members to apply their knowledge and passion to specific sustainability topics. Members decided on the first five workgroup topics, brainstormed specific “need to” and “how to” actions/outcomes as a group, and then self-selected into the workgroups and refined the input. Summaries of this initial visioning exercise can be found on the individual workgroup pages (linked below and from drop-down menu under the “Workgroups” tab).


Each workgroup is led by Co-Chairs who schedule and organize meetings using a standard LTSC meeting agenda template. The workgroups are comprised of 12 to 20 Members who meet monthly and identify projects and initiatives to pursue as a group. Details of specific projects both completed and in development can be found on the individual workgroup pages and in the detailed LTSC Impact Matrix.


Workgroups post meeting summaries and project announcements on the individual pages on this site and provide brief reports to the Collaborative at the monthly meetings. A Notes Template  has been provided for use during meetings.

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