Community Mobility (CM)

Mission & Purpose:

This working group identifies and advocates for improving community mobility and connectivity with a clear emphasis on walking and biking and other human-powered transportation and the infrastructure necessary to support these essential activities. We support the Transportation Vision Statement in the TMPO’s Mobility 2035, the Lake Tahoe Regional Transportation Plan: An innovative multi-modal transportation system is in place that gives priority to viable alternatives to the private automobile, appeals to users and serves mobility needs, while improving the environmental and socioeconomic health of the Region. Impact Matrix / Mission StatementJoin Us

community mobility

Recent Accomplishments

  • Middle School Area Connectivity Plan has its own webpage. You can learn about the middle school project funded by an On Our Way grant and get involved here.
    • October 2015: Connectivity Plan finalized (see it here). Awarded $2.14 million for construction of the priority project: Al Tahoe from Johnson Blvd to Highway 50 (fact sheet here).
  • Beginning to work with the South Lake Tahoe Police Department to collect accident information, conduct outreach and education, and potentially educate around and enforce the new “Three Foot Safety Rule” (details here).
  • Middle School on Our Way grant – work begins! Design Workshop was selected as the contractor. The Project Development Team (PDT) is lead by Steve Teshara (CM Group), with Gavin Feiger and Rebecca Bryson from the CM Group, Steve Morales of LTUSD, Trevor Coolidge from the City of South Lake Tahoe, Morgan Beryl with TRPA, and Alfred Knotts with the Tahoe Transportation District. Work starts in September, 2014. Click here for the Scope of Work.
  • $166,000 in Successful On Our Way grant applications (press release): We worked with the City of South Lake Tahoe and the Lake Tahoe Unified School District (LTUSD) to prepare two successful On Our Way Grants:
    • A large grant ($156,000) to fund  assessment and planning for the Middle School, making the area safer and more accessible for students and addressing connectivity gaps to the greater South Lake community. This will result in shovel-ready projects for Safe Routes to School construction funding applications over the coming years. This was the highest-ranked project submitted.
    • A small grant ($10,000) to fund preliminary assessment and project prioritization for all four elementary schools in LTUSD as well as prepare a full Safe Routes to School Planning Grant application for a LTUSD Master Plan and engineering, design, and environmental review in order to prepare shovel-ready projects for high priority projects.
  • New Bike Lanes and Routes Created: We worked with the City of South Lake Tahoe, El Dorado County, Douglas County, and Nevada Department of Transportation to have (1) bike lanes added/painted on Apache in Meyers and Lake Parkway on both sides of the casinos, (2) fog lines added to Venice, Glenwood, and Black Bart for pedestrian/biker safety, (3) a bike route added on Blackbart, (4) sharrows repainted on Pioneer, Eloise and Ponderosa, and (5) widened bike lanes and sharrows in bike lanes on Highway 50 where Caltrans work is complete and on Pioneer Trail in the El Dorado County portion.
  • CALTRANS Improvements: We worked with Caltrans to have signs added, bike lanes and fog lines repainted, and other measures taken to ensure bike/ped safety during summer construction. Additionally, Caltrans responded to our letters identifying unsafe conditions for cyclists in July by making some quick repairs just before winter.

Current Projects

  • Preparing Safe Routes to School Plans and Grants: We are using our successful On Our Way grants to identify needs, prioritize projects, and prepare some shovel-ready projects. We applied for a SRTS Planning grant in  May 2014, but unfortunately did not receive it. We are now focused on the Middle School Area Connectivity Plan and will apply for construction grant(s) in May 2015.
  • Supporting Bike-focused Events: We are working with the Bike Coalition and other groups to increase public awareness and support for bikeable community goals through bike-focused local events, such as the Tahoe Bike Challenge, an extension of Bike to Work Week and Bike to Work month in June.  We are also working with Caltrans to ensure that key bike lanes are swept and painted prior to biking events in early June.
  • Promoting New Bike Lanes/Paths:  We meet with local and state governments each year to identify of priority areas for bike paths/lanes and accelerate design and construction of those areas.
  • Encouraging Snow Removal of Bike Path/Sidewalks:  We are working with the city to promote better snow removal on the bike paths and sidewalks during the winter.

Documents Produced

Co-Chairs: Gavin Feiger, Rebecca Bryson and, Steve Teshara

Meeting Agendas & Notes

*Monthly Meetings on the 4th Tuesday at Noon. Locations vary, email for more info.









Note: No meetings June-August, 2016


Next Meeting – Tuesday October 25, 2016 at Noon in South Lake Tahoe. Email for more info.