Why We Exist

LTSC Vision
A global model for citizen-led regional sustainability

LTSC Mission
Sustain a citizen-based effort to accelerate a shift toward a healthier Tahoe-Truckee community, environment, and economy.

LTSC History and Purpose

The Lake Tahoe Sustainability Collaborative was launched in May of 2012 in response to a need for a citizen-based, non-regulatory, and non-governmental body to align environmental, community, and economic health for the Tahoe-Truckee region. This Collaborative model provides an opportunity for individual stakeholders from multiple sectors to participate in planning, designing, and accelerating the implementation of sustainability initiatives. As a grassroots group the Collaborative differs from other regional development processes by enabling individuals to help shape a sustainable future regardless of their level of employment or professional affiliations. These stakeholders bring the perspective of communities and sectors that characterize the region: business owners and associations, local governments and agencies, environmental, health, and social nonprofits, faith institutions, educational institutions, and residents.

The Collaborative operates with a simple governance Charter that was approved by consensus of the Members in April 2013. The collaborative serves the watershed of the Tahoe-Truckee region.

LTSC Core Values

How we work together and with others through:

ð  Positive Attitude and Support
  • Characterized by: Optimism, enthusiasm, integrity, trust, support, creative encouragement; willingness to let go of control, a sense that “we have each other’s backs”, and willingness to risk.
ð  Active Participation
  • Characterized by: Member commitments to participate, valuing Members time commitments, Members active “facilitation” from their seats (i.e. actively assist in guiding the LTSC without deferral to position, role, etc.
ð  Mutual Respect
  • Characterized by: respectful and active engagement and dialogue, open to different ideas, listening to one another, open sharing, thoughtful participation, intellectual curiosity
ð  Progress
  • Characterized by: commitments to making decisions now; being effective especially through projects, pursuing ideas that can “grow legs” and be implemented, a commitment to make change happen
ð  Accountability
  • Characterized by: measurable results, goals and indicators of success, focus on “vision” rather than “forecasting”
ð  Dynamic and Creative
  • Characterized by: collective knowledge and expertise is respected, maintain a variety of backgrounds and experiences within the Membership, utilize creative planning processes, tap into Member networks, apply “scenario planning” (what if) rather than risk assessment (what then)